Where Do I Pay?

Pay or transfer money into our GT Bank account:  
Account name: True Measures Ltd
Account number: 0123011735

Bank Payments should be made between 1 month before the start and 1 day to the end of a season. (Otherwise your late funds will be useable in the next season).

    1. There could be multiple Tests within any contest per Category for which you are eligible so you may make multiple payments with a single Teller / Transaction. (You could pay per Test or for all such Tests (e.g. 5) at once to maximize your opportunity to come tops and reduce bank visits.) The day after your bank payment, you'll have the opportunity to take this Challenge in the prevailing season. With QuickTeller and AccessCode purchases, instant access is granted.

    2. Refund Policy: There shall be no refunds, please follow the rules.

    4. Note:
    5. •  Mature contestants may pay for themselves

    6. •  Parental consent is necessary for minors to participate hence such should pay for their wards / children who are minors.

    7. •  Any minor who pays via a banking channel, ATM Card or mobile phone, etc. is deemed to have parental consent (as this is ab initio necessary to operate such). Similar situation occurs (precedent) when such pay for JSS3 NECO / WAEC exams.

OPTION 1: Transfer money online

•  Visit your bank website
•   Log in to your internet banking account
•  Transfer the amount for your test(s)
•  Once you complete your transaction, check your transaction details. Note and save the TransactionID. This will serve as your PIN to enter for the Challenge, provided the account name matches your SURNAME

OPTION 2: Pay at  the Bank

•  Visit any GT Bank close to you
•  Pay the amount for your test(s)
•  Write your SURNAME and initials only on the Teller. (Must be same as Surname used for registration on our site. Write it legibly and pronounce to the cashier so as to enter correctly in the system).
•  Safely keep your personal copy of the deposit slip, note and save its TELLER NUMBER. This will serve as your PIN to enter for the Challenge.

OPTION 3: Pay online via QuickTeller

•  Direct Debit/Credit card payment on the web, ATM machines, IVR and mobile apps for instant PIN by e-mail. quickteller

OPTION 4: Marketed AccessCodes

• Via Branded Products & ScratchCards by Contest Sponsors.