About Us

Andrews Challenge is a portal focused on marketing and conducting customizable online examinations for reward purposes e.g. recruitment/evaluation tests, schools/scholarship exams, promo quizzes, etc. It is a novel innovation of Performance Evaluation And Selection Limited (formerly True Measures Limited).

Our team includes;



Mr. O. Dada - Chief Executive Officer
Dr. O. S. Asaolu- Non-executive Director
Mr. A. Awojobi - Head, Business Development
Mr. B. Olawunmi - Head, Marketing
Mr. J. Fayese - Head, Academics


PEAS Limited is a training and performance oriented organization which focuses on Learning, Electronic Testing and automation of allied services, our core values are Integrity and Excellence.

We help our Clients/Partners to design and implement electronic tests to speedily obtain true measures of competence. We also help setup and manage interview panels; on-site or remotely. Online exams can be used for annual evaluation, performance assessment, educational admissions, recruitment viability, product promotions, CSR endowed scholarships, etc. A contest may have multiple eligibility criteria including Academic and/or Bio/Geo/Socio-logical data. Our system is capable of serving multiple contests simultaneously. Such special contests can be promptly configured by us and monitored online by the Client/Partner as an Observer. MDAs and any upright person/firm of substance may contact us to sponsor a contest & award prizes to either fee-paying contestants or a non-paying target segment of the public. (If desired, Test PIN may be an exclusive password or individual AccessCodes that you will distribute or print on / within your product packaging.) The prizes could be in the form of money, employment offers, scholarships, training programs, vacation abroad, goods such as property, vehicles, electronics, plaques, etc. Such contest may hold intermittently at any preferred frequency. You may add to our subjects/questions pool and specify the number of random questions per subject in a test. A prospective Client/Partner must first publicize a contest and deposit prizes before an exam can commence (reserve advertized positions or escrow funds/items as applicable).