Job Tests

We facilitate the job needs of HR Managers / Recruiters, Employees and Applicants in several ways:
1. Evaluate existing workers in an organization via customized 'knowledge, performance and phychometric' tests. This for example, could be used to ascertain who merits what training or promotion.
2. Auto-screen candidates as potential job applicants that match an available work position.


Each member of our portal has a detailed profile (with personalized job preference settings). Yet any user may also serve as a sponsor by fillng a data Form to configure a Contest while guaranteeing rewards. A Contest will commence after the prize(s) e.g. Vacancy/Scholarship is confirmed as reserved / escrowed.

We will guard against any entity using our platform to defraud the public. Furthermore, for transparency, the Highscores will be viewable unto portal members at most 30 days after a contest


 Sponsors may:
•  initiate Contests having several eligibility criteria. Whenever a user matches the requirements for a Contest, s/he automatically sees the description and may participate in the associated Contest in order to be short-listed.
•  simply provide pre-screened applicants the accessmode information with which to take an aptitude test on our system. You will be able to view relevant details about shortlisted candidates who emerge tops in a contest.



Contest Sponsorship
Initiator will specify the following (* implies compulsory field):

  Test Parameters Preferred Personality Job Attributes
1 * Number of slots available for reward Age range (e.g. 18 to 35) * Interest / Speciality (e.g. Telecommunications)
2 * Number of candidates to shortlist Nation of residence Minimum years of experience
3 Number of questions and duration to answer them State of residence Position Keyword (e.g. Project, Manager, Head)
4 Cut-off mark (percentage) State of origin * Type (e.g. Full-time)
5 Whether test candidates may view the performance based Highscores (shortlisting) during a contest Local Govt Area of origin * Location (e.g. Lagos)
6 Whether a qualified candidate may not view the shortlisting until after attempting the exam Educational Category (e.g. Graduate) * Salary Info (e.g. Negotiable)
7 When to make Highscores viewable throughout the portal - N days after the contest Educational Level (e.g. POST-NYSC to 800L [Masters]) Field of Study / Qualification (e.g. Engineering, Science)
8 * Number of Attempts allowed a candidate for a test Academic Standing (e.g. UPPER_CREDIT to DISTINCTION_PG)  
9 * Number of eligible candidates that should attempt a test Family Situation  
10 * Test entry-mode (e.g. Free, Password, AccessCode, Fee)    
11 * Number of equivalent tests per selected category in a Contest    
12 * Proposed Contest Start-Date    
13 * Contest Interval (the number of days it will be on)    
14 Number of questions you will contribute for the Contest    
15 * Whether there is a physical CBT (Finale Contest) afterwards    
16 * Nature of Rewards and Other Comments (e.g. Scholarship amounts or Vacancy description & Job duties)    

In the Table, the last column is especially applicable to Recruitment.
(Only 1, 2, 7 therein may be optionally used for Tertiary/Graduate Scholarship Contests.)

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