Notices (Updated January 11, 2018)

Scheduled Contests

Prof. Funso AKINGBADE Memorial Quiz and Essay Contest in Operational Research: The Institute of Operational Research and Management Science of Nigeria (IORMS) announces this contest for undergraduates in Nigeria. Candidates should have taken course(s) in OR within universities, polytechnics/monotechnics, colleges of education, etc. Thus students, especially those undergoing programs in Faculties of Business Administration, Managememt, Engineering/Technology, Maths/Statistics/Computer Science, etc. are encouraged to participate. Please NOTE:
1. Final sole prize is N50,000:00 and a certificate of Excellence
2. Eligibility: Participant must be between 16 and 30 years old and be a registered undergraduate, within 200L and 500L in a post-secondaty institution.
3. Qualifying stage is a 7-minute online quiz of 10 multiple-choice questions (7 OR, 1 Maths, 1 English, 1 General Knowledge) on open between Jan 15th and Jan 31st 2018. (Register on the platform and first take the Trial Challenge before you attempt the IORMS test, participation is FREE).
The top TEN candidates shortlisted there (scoring >= 50%) will be verified and then invited to submit an electronic essay (on a topic to be given) in early February.
4. The qualifiers' essays will be graded by our organizing panel who shall announce the winner by March 1st 2018
5. The winner will come make an oral presentation of the winning essay at IORMS International Conference on March 12, 2018 at Akwa Ibom State University, Ikot Akpaden. That is when the award will be presented. His/her transportation and possible lodging costs will also be defrayed.

Nuts and Bolts Secondary Schools Science Challenge: An NGO sponsored contest for selected Lagos-based schools wherein about forty five candidates were invited for a grand finale CBT at the Faculty of Engineering, UNILAG. Of these some were chosen to receive FREE training for some months and the cream thereafter sponsored to an international Olympiad. NB Finale1The Grand Finale held on Aprl 16, 2016.

Performance Evaluation And Selection Limited (PEAS LTD) is the new operator of Andrews Challenge.

Existing users must update their profile information, specify job interests / speciality and provide a recent passport photo (jpg file -We require candidates to submit the TYPE of image they would submit to obtain the Nigerian Immigration Passport or an American Visa, not just any type of portrait or a fake one.) Do this by Clicking on 'Administration' link after you Sign-In. Kindly be informed that inaccuracies in your personal data or its presentation format could make you ineligibile for a contest/award by our automated system. Do encourage your family and friends to register on the portal as everyone may now compete for something! Note: Multiple registration and/or data falsification are grounds for DISQUALIFICATION.

Media Reports
How our platform would have mitigated the NIS recruitment tragedy was reported in Sunday Punch of March 23-2014. Read news about us in NewsWatch of July 21-2013, CyberschuulNews of May 22-2013, The Nation of May 17-2013, The Nation of April 25-2013, Sunday NewsWatch of April 21-2013, The Punch of April 18-2013, The Compass Newspaper of Nov 28-2012, etc. We have featured on OGBC 90.5 FM, Bond FM, Rythm FM, etc. You may view the video extract of an OGTV interview. Here is a sample audio of winners' testimonies. For interactive discussions, FAQs, life-feeds, etc. please follow our Facebook Page.

PEAS LTD - AC History
Season 2
: This held between May 18 and June 17, 2013. The Award presentation ceremony held on Saturday 20th July 2013. The PEAS LTD hosted event successfully took place with jubilant scholars accompanied by their families. The first, second and third contestants in the Secondary category respectively received cheques of N75,000:00, N50,000:00 and N25,000:00. Winners in the Tertiary cadre respectively received N150,000:00, N100,000:00 and N50,000:00. Awards Presentation


Note: The run-off contest for the Third position in Secondary category held on 29/06/2013 with Vicky coming tops. Thanks to all contestants for participation in Season 2. Unfortunately, a few individuals paid but did not utilize their payment for any Premium Challenge. Such could use the fund in Season 3, due to the pre-stated rules and no-refund policy.

Season 1: This held between Nov 24 and Dec 10, 2012 and FREE participation was enjoyed by all contestants. Presentation of Cheques to the first set of Andrews Challenge Scholars took place at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday 20th December 2012. The first, second and third contestants in both Secondary and Tertiary Categories respectively received N150,000:00, N75,000:00 and N50,000:00.


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