How Does It Work?
(Learn the Rules

A prospective participant must create a user account on this site by registering his/her basic data.

A candidate can take any test available for his/her category provided s/he meets the eligibility criteria. A registered user can take the Trial and Starter Challenges for FREE but must pay a token for other Tests or use a given Password or sponsor distributed AccessCode. A contestant cannot exceed the number of attempts specified for a test.


Each contestant’s best score for a Contest will be selected. A potential beneficiary must attain the prescribed benchmark score specified for that particular challenge.


For any remotely conducted online Contest, the topmost contestants with the highest scores and who completed a test at  the shortest possible times are to be shortlisted.


If there are ties (i.e. desired number of the topmost not being obvious due to leading participants with the highest scores finishing the test at the same time), an e-mail invitation would be sent to the tieing candidates to take a free test with 3 attempts only and a revised benchmark score. Rule 4 will then be applied again.


The Grand Prize in any Contest would be competed for by a specified number of leading contenders. This would be held as an e-exam. at a designated location requiring the physical presence of shortlisted contestants. This will be a more comprehensive test with a single attempt, wherein contestants face the same questions. It could be followed by a short tie-breaker if necessary. Runners-up may receive consolation prizes.

A winner in a Seasonal Grand Finale is precluded from participating in that specific challenge again for same educational category unless invited by the organizers for a special contest. For example, a Grand Finale winner of 'TML Secondary Challenge' can not vie for this competition again unless invited. However, such may vie for say a "Lainos Secondary Challenge" which would be a different contest.

Exam Results
Each candidate can see his/her test results instantly on the screen and receive it in an e-mail. For a sponsored Exam, the initiating agency will be given the results list for further action. Depending on the preference of a contest sponsor, candidates may not or may view the leading performances from the Highscores page, during and/or after the contest season completion.

Award Presentation
After the preliminary scrutiny of a results list, apparent winners will be duly notified. Seasonal prizes would be awarded at a ceremony not later than one month after the season closes (-allowing for possible ties and consequent run-off). You must however, come to such award presentation with the originals and photocopies of relevant documents to prove that you meet the eligibility criteria.

Winners do NOT have to pay anything aside an entry fee (which may be free) in order to claim prizes. Beware of fraudsters
. Do NOT waste this offer to attain glory, fame & fortune (OR pursued employment) with little or no financial investment on your part!