Recruitment Test
        Date: March, 2016

    Recruiting Sales Assistant (Lagos, Abuja, PH)
    Will interview topmost candidates with at least 60%.
  • Nuts & Bolts
    Senior Secondary Science Challenge
        Date: Now Feb 15 - 17, 2016

    For selected schools (Lagos-based).
    See News page for more details...
  • Andrews Challenge
    Nigeria's foremost online and real-time scholarly
    competition cum electronic testing service.

    The mission is to award scholarship prizes and to help
    organizations / governments to select the best candidates
    for recruitment, evaluation or promotional purposes.
  • Partner With Us
    Institutions, firms, governments/MDAs & foundations could
    easily conduct online examinations with preset multiple
    eligibility criteria -as contests tailored to their specifications.

    For reward purposes, all test results can be sorted at
    the global, national, state or local government levels.
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    Participate anytime, anywhere. Each candidate may set
    preferences as to the type of jobs/scholarships desired.
    Partners may auto-screen and examine many applicants.

    A user may only view/compete for a test for which s/he
    qualifies based on Bio/Geo/Socio/Academic... criteria.

The vision is to stimulate the reading culture, better educational performances and healthy academic rivalry across the nation.
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